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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Hypnosis?

Perhaps you’ve heard of hypnosis being used for a number of problems such as pain management, smoking cessation, and weight management. Maybe you have thought of trying hypnosis but were afraid you might lose your will or be controlled by the hypnotist like you’ve seen in stage hypnosis. Although while in the hypnotic state you tend to be much more responsive to suggestion, you are not without will or under anyone else’s control during that time.

The hypnotic state is a naturally occurring phenomenon in many animal species. Although it is a naturally occurring phenomenon it must be induced either naturally as when you are about to enter sleep or by a trained hypnotist as during a hypnosis session.

What is Hypnotherapy?

Basically, hypnotherapy is the art and science of inducing the hypnotic state for a therapeutic purpose – as in stopping a smoking addiction or busting a phobia.

The hypnotherapy field includes many disciplines such as shamanism, medicine, psychotherapy/psychology, philosophy, education, neuro-linguistics, biofeedback, and esoteric work. Each practitioner offers therapeutic options according to his/her training. The common thread is hypnotherapy – intentionally inducing a hypnotic state for therapeutic purposes.

What can I use hypnotherapy for?

Hypnotherapy has been used successfully for the following purposes:

  • Stop Smoking Self-Control Appearance
  • Success/Achievement Personal Organization Weight Management
  • Interpersonal Skills Become Persuasive Relationships
  • Situational Stress Optimism Spirituality
  • Facilitate Wellness Sleep Improvement Goal-Setting
  • Self-Confidence Medical Issues Irrational Fears/Phobias
  • Attraction Occupational Issues Sports Performance
  • Wellness Relaxation Job Satisfaction
  • Academic Performance

How can I join OHA?

Click here for membership requirements and enrollment instructions.

Does the OHA have a code of ethics?

Yes. Members of the Oregon Hypnotherapy Association abide by a standard of service that assures clients they will be treated safely and fairly. Click here to learn more.

Hypnosis Resources in Oregon

The Oregon Hypnotherapy Association (OHA) is a not-for-profit, educational corporation in the State of Oregon. Founded in Salem, OR in 1995 the OHA is a professional organization comprised of dedicated individuals committed to preserving professionalism in the field of hypnotherapy. We provide our members continuing education and an open forum for the free exchange of ideas, techniques, and occupational discussion concerning hypnotherapy.

The Oregon Hypnotherapy Association was established in 1995 by an enthusiastic group of hypnotherapists with Dr. Laurence Skolnik serving as its first president. Important resources through the years have been the Hypnosis Oregon newsletter, the official publication of the Oregon Hypnotherapy Association, and the web site, the very first web site devoted exclusively to the promotion of hypnotherapy in Oregon.

The Oregon Hypnotherapy Association supports an eclectic exchange of ideas, association, mutual confidence and cooperation among its members. The mission of the organization is to:

• Promote member hypnotherapists

• Preserve and protect the professional exercise of hypnotherapy

• Recognize hypnotherapy as a separate and distinct profession

• Provide quality continuing education resources for members and the communities in which our members offer their services

• Offer professional referral services for member hypnotherapists

• Offer the public a quality resource for hypnotherapists

• Establish hypnotherapy as a valid professional complement to licensed medical and psychological agencies

• Provid education to the public about hypnosis and its clinical uses.

Do you have any questions? Write to us.