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Hypnosis Training in Oregon

The following schools offer training sufficient to qualify a graduate for membership in the Oregon Hypnotherapy Association (see membership qualification requirements here). The Oregon Hypnotherapy Association does not accredit or recommend any school – we simply list those that give their students adequate education and practice to satisfy our membership requirements based on information supplied by the school. We advise any prospective student to do a thorough study of any school they might attend before investing in an education with that school. Please do not call the Oregon Hypnotherapy Association concerning a school of hypnotherapy as we have no further information.

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Total is great! The custom service is great - they will talk you through each option until you find the one that's right for you.

Janet Thompson

Great options, great people, great prices.

Nicole Richards

Advised, explained everything. Now I know where to go for hypnosis.

Casper Leopold